SCS Investment Partners’ Carlson On Private Equity Investing

January 19, 2024 / News

Stephen Carlson, Managing Director for SCS Investment Partners joined Julie Cooling, Founder and CEO of RIA Channel, at the CAIS Alternative Investment Summit to discuss private equity and alternative investments in client portfolios.

SCS Investment Partners started in 2002 as an ultra-high-net-worth multifamily office serving investors worth over $100 million.  The firm now manages $30 billion, largely in alternative investments such as private equity, private credit, and hedge funds.  In 2021, SCS Investment Partners opened access to their alternative investment relationships to independent wealth managers.  Given their 20 years in allocating to alternative investments, SCS can assist advisors with building a new investment program.  Carlson believes that advisors will be left behind if they don’t have a strategy and the access to invest in alternatives, as 67% of advisor clients invest in alternatives held away from their advisor. A partnership with CAIS brings technology to streamline transactions, record keeping, transparency, and reporting.