• Our Philosophy

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Consistently Seeking to Meet or Exceed Your Expectations

We believe that if we put your needs first, everything else will fall into place.

Our commitment to this singular philosophy is stronger than ever. It is evident in our consultative and collaborative approach, in the way we meet your needs and strive to exceed your expectations, and in our passion to do our jobs with only the highest standards of excellence.

Taking an Integrated Approach to Families and Family Offices

At SCS, our approach involves integrating the critical investment factors with the overall financial objectives and requirements of each unique client.

For families and family offices, this involves investments, tax, estate planning, cash flow modeling, and family specific factors. In this way, we are better able to work with each client to determine their “comfort zone,” providing greater peace of mind as we aim to maximize after tax returns.

Making Sure Our Team Members Have Everything They Need To Do Their Job Well

We care deeply about our team because a high performing team means a better experience for you. We manage the firm’s growth to ensure that our professionals have the time they need to do the best job possible. We are also firm believers in promoting employee ownership—a philosophy that helps SCS enjoy stability that very few firms of any size can match.

Constantly Nurturing Our Network of Knowledge

Our network of knowledge will help you sleep better at night. When you have a question or face a challenge, you can count on us to consult our network of industry thought leaders whenever needed. This network incorporates the experience we’ve gained through our client relationships, the deep expertise of our team across all disciplines, and our insight and relationships with the leading thinkers in the global financial community. There are many aspects to successful investment and wealth management—and we have the expertise to guide you through them all.

Always Evolving for Your Benefit

As part of our commitment to innovation, every year we initiate new services and strategies to create even more value for our clients.