• Business Continuity

    office with city view out windows

SCS Financial Services has developed a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan that is tested annually. The purpose of the Plan is to ensure that SCS can resume normal business operations with minimal interruption. Events that may impact SCS’s business operation may be facilities-related, a natural disaster or other situation which would not allow for SCS to run its business at its normal business locations.

SCS’s primary business location is Boston, MA and New York, NY. In addition, SCS maintains a fully redundant data center in Philadelphia, PA, leveraging SunGard Recovery Services. In the event of an issue impacting our Boston, MA facility, SCS has access to additional office space at SunGard’s facility in Marlborough, MA.

Should both locations be disrupted due to a significant regional event, SCS employees can access all SCS applications and data via Citrix connectivity from any internet browser.

In the event of a significant business disruption, information regarding changes in SCS’ operations will be available by dialing (888) 689-8902 where a message will be posted and updated as circumstances dictate.

SCS is committed to maintaining effective communication with our clients during business disruptions. Our plans are reviewed periodically to ensure appropriate enhancements are implemented as our business evolves and as regulations change.