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Partnering with SCS for Your Investment Management Needs

The one constant in markets is that they are never constant. The economy continually evolves in response to technological innovation, industry disruption, and regulation, and financial markets consistently create new opportunities for investors.

This creates an ever-evolving investment landscape where asset class returns and opportunities vary greatly each year. The Calendar Year Returns by Asset Class chart serves as a reminder as to why investors should never chase performance—and why you need a trusted partner to help you navigate markets effectively.

We’ve designed our investment approach and framework with your best interests in mind at all times. Our client-aligned approach, along with other institutional best practices, differentiates us from the typical consultant and brokerage model, as summarized below.

Direct Investment Backgrounds

Experienced team driving decisions

  • Seasoned experts for each asset class
  • Experienced across multiple market cycles
  • Institutional best practices
  • Collaborative partnerships with managers

Aligned Focus on Performance

Full alignment with clients

  • No in-house products
  • Building best-in-class portfolios only incentive
  • No revenue shares with managers
  • No incentives for higher fee areas

Sweet Spot in AUM

Optimal stage for intense focus on returns

  • Performance, not capacity drives decisions
  • Scale commands fee breaks
  • Focused teams, cross fertilization of ideas
  • Nimble, act quickly on emerging ideas

Repeatable Edge in Processes

Underpinned by empirical research

  • Holistic portfolio management
  • Assessment of the Macro Drivers
  • Sourcing and evaluating managers
  • Knowing what we own

Our goal is to deliver robust investment solutions to maximize long-term compounding of returns within your comfort zone and risk tolerance, defined as the amount of volatility, liquidity, and drawdown risk acceptable without changing course.

We adhere to a disciplined investment framework for building portfolios—a holistic process where we target a portfolio of independent returns that seeks to maximize after-tax returns given your level of acceptable risk. Each one of our client’s portfolios are carefully calibrated to their unique goals, preferences, and constraints.