Set Long Term Investment Framework

Setting investment goals is all about knowing where you want to go. Getting there requires a well thought-out framework capable of creating robust, diversified, customized portfolios.

Key to designing customized portfolios is knowing how much risk a client is willing to take and understanding the returns that can be best achieved given that risk profile. We establish a risk target for every client that reflects the amount of volatility and drawdown acceptable over the investment horizon without changing the investment program. Targeting a return without fully understanding the associated risks can easily cause clients to change course when the going gets tough or to chase markets, often at just the wrong time.

Our goal is to find the combination of assets and strategies that delivers the highest return consistent with the client’s risk target under various economic environments. We call this the Policy Portfolio. It is robust, in that it reflects a deep understanding of how asset classes perform in different economic environments, in absolute terms and relative to each other. It is also diversified, spanning domestic and international markets, traditional and non-traditional investments.

Our team of specialists selects experienced investment managers and low-cost passive index strategies suitable for the portfolio. We take care to ensure the portfolio reflects the client’s needs and can adjust allocations or managers to incorporate any specific requirements or existing investments.

Built into our investment framework is an ongoing process to monitor the portfolio and ensure it remains on track to get you where you want to go.