Investment Management

The acumen of our investment group is one area that distinguishes SCS. Our senior investment professionals have a wealth of experience structuring multi-asset class investment programs and managing money directly at the security level. This hands-on experience helps tremendously when evaluating and selecting money managers and understanding first-hand what they are attempting to accomplish through their investment strategy.

We construct custom portfolios with tailored risk and return characteristics that fit a client’s unique circumstances. Our programs aim to provide “consistent” returns in a variety of economic environments so clients benefit from a steady compounding of wealth with less downside. Central to our approach is an in-depth understanding of how various asset classes perform in different environments and how best to combine them over time to meet client needs.

SCS clients enjoy access to a global network of investment managers sourced and monitored by an in-house team of specialists. We seek the same qualities in our managers that our clients seek from us, namely, a focus on performance, a high level of transparency and actions that are always in the client’s best interests.