The Foundation of Trust

At SCS, we believe that by creating a client-aligned, consultative investment environment, we are able to offer our clients custom asset allocation, investment ideas, and managers. This culture establishes a foundation of trust between our clients and SCS, leading to deep working relationships and a clearer understanding of the unique circumstances of each client. This philosophy serves as the foundation of our clients' success, and, in turn, the success of our firm.

A Culture That Never Compromises

The founders of SCS set out to build a company that served the needs of clients better than any other firm. Today, those same people, along with many more, continue to be focused on a culture that places our clients' interests first. We remain keenly aware of the factors that must be in place to optimize the client experience: expertise across all disciplines, the limited number of relationships we maintain, and technology. We also place a heavy emphasis on the needs, challenges and goals of our team. We manage the firm's growth to ensure that our professionals have the time they need to do the best job possible.

An Unconflicted, Integrated Approach

SCS takes a client-aligned approach that integrates the critical investment factors with the overall strategic objectives and requirements of each unique client. For family offices and private clients, this involves investments, tax, estate planning, cash flow modeling and family specific factors. In this way, we are better able to work with each client to determine their "comfort zone", providing greater peace of mind and better after-tax returns. For our institutional clients, we are both a strategic partner, providing a broad set of perspectives and resources, as well as being their investment manager. In all cases, we always avoid any conflict of interest. We do not receive fees or commissions from other firms. We believe that our clients should have complete transparency with regard to expenses/fees and to the managers and performance of their accounts.

A Network Of Knowledge

Our clients have the confidence of knowing that whenever they have a question or face a challenge, they can rely on our "network of knowledge". Our network incorporates the experience we have gained through our client relationships; the deep expertise of our team across all disciplines; as well as our insight and relationships with the leading thinkers in the global financial community. There are many aspects to successful investment management - and we have the expertise to guide you through them all.

Constant Evolution

SCS consists of leading-edge talent who thrive on using innovation to better serve the needs of our clients. As part of our commitment to innovation, every year we initiate new services and strategies to create more value for our clients.