Investment Perspectives

August 2016
Geopolitical Considerations: Three that Matter
While our base case is the global economy will move forward from today’s deflationary environment, we explore three potential triggers that could disrupt the current positive market landscape and the implications for investing.
June 2016
Four Economies and the Road to Prosperity
How SCS evaluates the major economies – the US, Europe, Japan and China - based on long-term structural considerations and current conditions, as well as the implications for investing and asset allocation. Part II of a series from SCS on key questions facing investors.
May 2016
Solving for the Global Debt Overhang
Global debt levels remain the single greatest challenge to economic growth and asset price returns for the next five to 10 years. A closer look at the debt cycle and implications for investing and asset allocation. Part of a new series on key questions facing investors.
January 2016
Making Sense of the Markets
Equity prices experienced their worst January debut in history against a series of market headwinds. SCS explores current conditions, new risks to watch and portfolio positioning to weather the volatility and capitalize on dislocations.
December 2015
Private Equity's Timeless Appeal
The inherent characteristics that can make private equity an attractive allocation regardless of where we are in the market cycle, and managers who find opportunities across different investment environments.
September 2015
Navigating Commodity Boom-Bust Cycles
With many sectors of the commodity market in steep price declines, we review current conditions and share our views on opportunities within private real assets.
July 2015
Managing Bond Market Liquidity
A review of current bond market liquidity and the strategies that skilled managers can employ to assess risks and identify opportunities.
May 2015
Markets Then and Now
Our assessment of today’s market has identified sustainable conditions across a variety of measures, including equity valuations, lending practices and credit spreads.
April 2015
The Strong US Dollar
We explore the reasons behind the dollar’s strength, its impact on various markets and implications for our investment allocation decisions.
March 2015
Staying in the European Union
The European Union is likely to survive despite growing pressures including Greece’s debt problems and slow growth.
February 2015
Deflation and Negative Yields
A closer look at current deflationary forces, negative interest rates and the investment implications.